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You can’t get along without hot water. Therefore, take care of the source–the water heater.

If you have a gas or electric water heater, keep the temperature dial setting at or below the suggested Factory Energy Savings Settings listed on the water heater. Above that mark means excessive wear on the water heater and the potential for scalding.

The burner of a gas-fired water heater is easily accessible and should be checked by your plumber periodically to keep it clear of dust or sediment. The flame at full fire should be a light to dark blue. If the flame is more orange or yellow, the gas pressure or air flow needs to be adjusted.

You can keep your water bills low by tempering all hot water as it is used. Letting the hot water faucet run on and on wastes not only water but fuel as well. With all water heaters, plan your hot water needs and you’ll be delighted with the savings you get.

All domestic water heaters are required to be equipped with a relief valve as a safety feature to prevent damage from excessive pressure and temperature. There is always danger that this valve may become frozen or corroded from long disuse. For this reason, it is advisable to trip the lever of this valve manually every two or three months to be sure it will operate freely if an emergency arises. Note: The discharge will be hot water that will need to be contained in a pan or bucket or allowed to drain to a floor drain.

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Carlos Z.
1322d ago

I had a problem with major leakage underneath my kitchen sink, as well as a problem with my toilet tank's float. Laszlo's gave me a great quote, upon his arrival, I was explained in detail the cause of my problems and offered a few different solutions. In the end, I was greatly impressed with their level of knowledge/expertise and furthermore, their quality of work is second to none. I'll definitely recommend Laszlos Plumbing to all my freinds.

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Our Happy Customers

Mr. ******’s is one of the finest plumbers in this valley. Great work ******’s!!! My name is ***** and I had issues with water pressure and sewer smell throughout my home. I attempted to fix the issues myself however, I was unsuccessful and I did spend over two weeks trying to puzzle up the underground PVC and copper lines. ...I believe I made matters worse however, with the help from Mr.

Steve E.,

I met Mr. Laszlo of Laszlos Plumbing when I tried the BBBASAP feature for repairs on a leaking faucet. Mr. Laszlo was, on time, professional, very knowledgeable and courteous. The faucet was quickly repaired, the price reasonable. He was amazing. I have already recommended him to friends and family! Thank you BBBASAP for helping me find Laszlos Plumbing. Thank you Mr. Laszlo for a Job Well Done! ****** *. Scottsdale

Brenda M.,

We would like to thank Laszlo's Plumbing for the work at my mothers home. She's 92 yr old has a 54 year old house with a leaking bathtub Moen Faucet. She was told by another company that they would need to tear out the tile and cut through the wall and pipe for the repair which would have been very costly. Laszlo took one look at it, knew exactly what the problem was.

M. G.,

I had another company come out to my home and charge me $70. They only snaked the drain and told us that we would need to have a hydro jetting service that would const $500. We later found out that this hydro jetting service could easily damage older pipes. Thankfully we found Lazlo's Plumbing. He came out to our home and told us that he would not recommend hydro jetting.


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